Thursday, September 2, 2010

On The Cheap


I'm not sure we've been formally introduced.

I'm Mama V. I'm a SAHM with two children. My amazing husband TG is a teacher. Our little family of four lives in one of the most expensive areas in the country. On a teacher's salary.

So I like to do things on the cheap. Side that is. Cheap, but fabulous.

Saving money gives me such a thrill. I love figuring out a way to make something expensive on the cheap. Like my roman shades. Completely fabulous, custom and a 1/4 of the price you'd pay for them in the store. LOVE.

My latest adventure?

Ribbon sticks.

Ribbon sticks are a hot commodity at our local library storytime. All the kids, boys and girls, aged 1 1/2 to 5, rush the poor lady when she pulls out the ribbon stick box.

So I figured I would get some for my kids. I didn't think they would be that expensive. Until I Googled them and discovered that one good ribbon stick cost upwards of $10. So off to my local craft store I went.

And for a grand total of $5.19 plus some craft glue, markers and push pins I had on hand I fashioned these little babies.

I had enough ribbon to make 4 sticks and I have 11 of the wooden craft rods left!

Do you do anything "on the cheap"? As much as I love doing it, I love hearing about your thrifty projects as well!


  1. so cute! love that idea! I think boosta will want one...did I tell you he picked a PINK turkey to be his cubby shape for the entire year..PINK!!!! HE also wanted to get some pink shoes shopping, but we just won't even go there.

  2. Oh yes, you know I do!!! Fun ideas....1/2 off Saturday at Goodwill (every other week). Yes, ghetto, but go to the Goodwill in the nicest part of town (or upper middle class area). You'll find fabulous finds in kids clothes and toys!!! Also, repurpose a chair for a dest or tables. A few cans of spray paint, some upholstery fabric. Presto a new fabulous table (that could be found at goodwill or on craigslist or garage sale). I have so many ideas for you!!! Make your own tutus too!!! So fun and prefect for a halloween costume. That's what we're doing! Oh i could go on....!!! Have fun! We should totally exchange ideas via email!
    Love, Kat


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