Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seen and Heard


Miss Muscles at the awesome Clemy Park. Seriously if you live in my area, Google it, and then take your kid.

Fat guy in a little shirt. I kid, I kid. We know he's not fat, but he has definitely outgrown all his clothes. Plus when I sing that song to him he thinks it's hilarious.

Riley was trying to entertain herself one rainy Sunday. She dragged her dress up box downstairs, put on everything inside of it, and then climbed in. Next thing I know I hear this little voice saying "MOM-MY! I stuck. I stuck in my dwess up box!"

Me and the little man on our shopping spree. Typical male that he is he quickly tired of looking at clothes and opted for a snooze in the Moby instead.


Riley: Yippee Ki YAY!
It's dat WI-WALD WEST!
I gonna rope you cowboy!

Riley finding a puzzle piece under the dining room table. She puts it back in its spot.
Riley: Dere.
Good as new.
You see dat Mommy?
Me: Yep sweetie. Good job.
Riley: Whew. Good thing I such goooood hewlper Mommy.

In the car talking to herself.
Riley: (stern voice) Ooooh you not wibstening Riwey. You running way from Mommy in Paris Teeter. That's bad so bad.
Riley: (happy voice) Ooooh you good girwal Riwey. You such a good wibstener. You get a treat!

Riley: Mommy, Daddy take me to see the turtle riber again soon?
Me: Yes, honey. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.
Riley: Oooh weeee. Dat be so wonderful.

Riley: Mommy, Daddy sweeping in his bed?
Me: No honey, Daddy's at work.
Riley: At worked? Dat silwee guy.

Riley: MOM-MY! You be quiet. I trying to resting.
Stop making all dat noise!
(This happens quite often even when I'm not making a peep)

And lastly...
Riley: Mommy, you put down my brudder.
Mommy, you do something wit just me, Riwey?
Mommy, you not bring my brudder in my room, okay?
Mommy, you leave brudder lone?

Those few kill me. She loves her brother, she really does. She runs in to see him each morning and climbs his crib so she can look at his face. She asks to hold him and wants to hug and kiss him all the time.

But, it's hard for her to share the attention and limelight with the little man and lately it's resulted in some major meltdown moments. I've gone to bed a couple of nights feeling so sad and worrying that I'm not giving her enough attention or love.

I keep trying to remind myself that she got 2 full years where it was all about her. Which is something that Camden will never get. Then I take a deep breath and remind myself that I'm doing my best which is all that really matters.


  1. that's right're doing your best, which is all any of us can do! You're a wonderful mommy! LOVE the little riley conversations..SO cute!

  2. My turn to tell you that we can all only do our best :) My favorite is "parris teeter"!


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