Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seen and Heard


Camden loves his bath time! He gets a bath every night as part of his bedtime routine. TG is usually the one in charge of that and he calls it their "man time" giving Riley and I the opportunity to hang out together one on one right before she goes to bed too.

I just love his big brown eyes and his chubby little rolls. Two weeks ago he started kicking his feet and splashing around while he's in the tub so we've graduated to bathing him in the baby tub INSIDE the big tub instead of out on the floor.


Me: Something is stinky.
Riley: It's me! I stinky! I tooted. I a toot maboot.

Me: Dinner time Riley!
Riley: Mommy! (in her best incredulous and amazed voice) That my dinner? It looks so dewicious. Thank you so much, Mommy dear.

Riley: Mommy, I have to tell you a secret. Daddy stinky. Pffft.
Me: Riley, I have to tell you a secret. You are my favoritest girl!
Riley: Mommy you are the silliest girl ever!

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  1. I LOVE the things they say at this age, and Cam is too cute all wide-eyed in his tub!


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