Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Smiley Guy

There is something about my baby smiling that makes my heart stand still. Camden started his first real big smiles somewhere between his 7th and 8th week of life in response to me leaning over his little face and saying "OHHHHH!". It was the perfect timing because my Mom was in town for a visit and was able to see them in person.

A few days later my bestie was over and managed to capture some of his early smiles on film for me. Of course I swoon because he's mine, but how could you not just want to smooch his little gummy grinning face?!?

You think you can make me smile? Whatcha got lady?

Okay that's funny, I can grin.

Oh ho ho you're making my sides hurt, I'll smile a little bigger.

You're on a roll now, I'm getting my whole face involved.



  1. the last one is awesome! So cute, but so much personality!!! love it!

  2. LOVE IT! we have GOT to see you guys soon...I'm officially having deprivation....


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