Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Riley's first big girl bed experience was almost a year ago, when she was just shy of 2 years old. We went to my parents house for Thanksgiving and she slept in my old bed. It was like she'd never slept anywhere else.

I've heard lots of stories about kids getting out of their bed, playing in their room, or even leaving their room. But for one reason or another Riley just intuitively knows or maybe even assumes that she is not to get out of bed until someone comes for her. Most mornings when TG goes to get her she's sitting quietly, playing with her dolls or watching the massive construction happening outside her window.

Doesn't matter where we are either. She's slept in a sofa bed on a cruise ship, a twin bed on a sleepover away from TG and I, a pull out couch in a hotel in Corolla, and of course her very own beautiful big girl bed Gigi and Papa got for her here in our home.

Trust me, we are very thankful that she transitioned so smoothly. We're hoping we can enlist her help in training her little brother on this someday. Looks like she's already starting to fill him in on how it's supposed to happen.

"Someday brudder you going to have you own big boy bed."

"Lay in it. Love it. BUT DON'T LEAVE IT until one of these yahoos comes for you. Or else."

"Now smile for Mommy liddle guddy!"


  1. What a cute girly room! We have pom poms hanging from T's ceiling too. But man, I sure do wish our transition to a big girl bed went so smoothly! We are still working on it over a year later.

  2. Oh what a cute room!! They are both adorable!

  3. Her room is adorable! What cute kiddos! We just switched to a big girl bed tonight. She cried for her crib for almost 2 1/2 hours, but never got out of bed. I hope that lasts!

  4. Super cute! The paint looks AWESOME! I am sure that Riley was so excited to have a such a grown up room. :)

  5. Her room looks GREAT! I can't believe how long that kiddo is compared to her brother! Hopefully we'll see you soon!


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