Monday, August 16, 2010

Cereal Face

Camden still refuses to take a bottle. We've tried every suggestion friends have given us and every trick we have read online. We've attempted about 10 styles of nipples and even a sippy cup. We've tried different positions, people, and times of day. He's simply not having it.

And I am STRESSING it because that means I am his only source of food.

Don't get me wrong. I love breastfeeding my child as much as he loves being breastfed. I think it's a wonderful thing for a mother to do if she is able. I plan to feed him as long as he is willing in the first year of his life. But, work and a couple of social engagements are rapidly approaching. Social things that cannot be missed like my own sister's wedding.

The worry that he'll refuse to eat while I'm gone and just be so confused and miserable makes my stomach turn.

Enter cereal. About a week ago TG and I both noticed that he had started to very intently watch all of us eat. After thinking about it I decided to introduce cereal now in an effort to make sure he can at least eat something if he continues to refuse a bottle when I'm away.

I was a little surprised because Camden is on the young side of eating solids, but he is just like his sister. Cam LOVES to eat. After just one feeding where he did the whole push it out of his mouth thing he started wolfing it down like he had been eating it all his life. Complete with opening his mouth and making smacking sounds if I'm taking too long to get him another bite.

I feel slightly better knowing I'm not his only option. Plus a cute cereal covered face always makes me smile. But if you have any suggestions or tricks for bottle feeding let me know!!!


  1. So sorry it's been so tough with the bottle!
    Loved seeing him in the sushi bib though! :-) Glad he's eating!

  2. I have no tricks, but we did go through the same thing for several weeks. And Maya just got over it one day. I really hope that he does the same!

  3. No tricks here! Elijah was so like that! The cereal pics make it all worth it though, don't they?

  4. Look at Cam go! He is so fixed on that spoon! I wish Owen and Kyle had done cereal that well. They were excited about the idea of eatting, but not so much when it came to give it a try.

    Hang in there with the bottle feeding! I haven't ever had to go through that, but you will make it, I am sure!


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