Monday, August 23, 2010

Riley's First Real Picture

Riley has been coloring for a while now because when our babies were about 14 months old me and bestie decided that they were ready to tackle coloring. This consisted of them sitting in our laps and awkwardly moving their chubby hands around on a paper until we were satisfied and they were bored.

As Riley's gotten older her interest in coloring independently has grown and she now colors pretty well within the lines in coloring books and tries to mimic shapes and simple pictures that TG and I draw for her. She's definitely a lefty which she must get from her Gigi because I believe the rest of her immediate family are rightys. She is also extremely heavy handed and pushes down with all her might when she writes and colors just like her Tata.

Lately she is very into me drawing people for her so a few nights ago we were sitting on her bed and coloring together before bedtime. She asked me to draw her family "all togedder" so I did. She helped out by coloring the bodies and letting me guide her hand to write everyone's names. I think the end product is fabulous.

Then she asked me to draw her Gigi and Papa so we did that together as well. After we finished she said "My turn! First the head. Then eyes. Then teef. Then hair. Then dose. Then wegs. Then shoes. Dere. AWL DONE! YAY TO RILEY!". Check it out.

She started another "person" in the lower left corner before she decided she was done and wanted to read a book.

I know what you are all thinking after seeing my portion of the pictures...clearly she gets her amazing drawing skills from her mother.


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  1. so cute! I so remember giving them number 2 kid is still a crayon eater...he's just not there yet! Darn him!


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