Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Then and Now: The Zoo

Almost a year ago we took Riley on her first trip to the zoo. She had a blast and loved seeing all the animals. This spring we were able to take her back and took the opportunity to meet up with a dear friend of mine who lives in the area. Since she's a year older we figured she would enjoy the chance to run free and would like to see the animals again. Well, we were 50% right. She ran like the wind, but as for the animals...

Then, monkeys were a hit.

Now, monkeys are still interesting enough to stop running.

Then, no lions in sight and had to settle for the waterfall in the exhibit.

Now, lots of lions but would rather be running.

Then, totally mesmerized by the giraffes.

Now, could not be bothered to stop her sprinting to even look at the giraffes.

Then, absolutely screamed with terror at the metalsmith animals and refused at all costs to pose with any of them which would explain the lack of "then photo".

Now, very willingly climbed on this turtle for a photo op and instead screamed like a banshee when we tried to remove her.

Then, enamored with the train.

Now, still enamored with the train, but due to her year of growth and my expanding belly there wasn't room for all three of us on the train seat.

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