Sunday, April 25, 2010

Egg Huntress

We tried Easter egg hunting last year. It didn't work so well. She could pick up the egg and put it in her basket, but she would take it right back out again and move on to the next doing the same thing over again.

To make up for last year we gave her two hunts this year. One was a practice run at Gigi and Papa's house and the other was on Easter day. Without any explaining other than telling her that while she napped the Easter Bunny came and hid some eggs she was ready to go. We gave her a basket and set her loose.

"Mama, the eats-er dunny hide eggs!" She's got her "hunt face" on.

She kept saying, "Dere's anutter one!".

That bunny had some sneaky hiding places, but they were no match for Riley.

Hugging her "friend" Mary after she found an egg on her.

Eating some of her stash.

She's very serious. Notice the chocolate snack in her right hand while reaching for her next egg with her left.

Showing me the goods.

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