Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stanislaw, Spencer, or, well...

We're getting down to the wire and I hate to say we still don't have a name for our son. A couple weeks ago while in PB kids I became so engrossed in a baby naming book that two people on the staff asked if I wanted to get comfortable in the rockers at the back. Sadly, I left no closer to a name than I started.

Some new suggestions have made their way in though, such as Stanislaw - a TG family name; and Spencer - don't ask me where my parents got that one from.

Nameless though he may be, he does already have one lovely little nickname that I've been fighting against since it was first mentioned. I'm fighting it because I hate the movie that it came from. However, I am being overruled and the name is being spread and I'm afraid that it's going to stick.

While I stilly fondly refer to him as Baby Boy, the rest of my household calls him McLovin. If you're in the dark you can google it and become enlightened.

Anyway, while the name search continues so does this baby's growth. I had my last ultrasound a week and a 1/2 ago. Good news is that he turned down in the last month! Extra good news is I'm having a c-section because this baby is a linebacker. The poor tech whom I just adore kept "hmming" as she took the standard measurements. Femur - 39 weeks 6 days. Head - 40 weeks 2 days. Crown-Rump Length - 39 weeks 7 days. All this adding up to an estimated weight of 7 lbs. 7 oz. at 36.5 weeks. Given that he will have had about 2.5 more weeks of growth before he's delivered I'm guessing a 9 lber.

Here's a pic of me and baby boy. Less than a week to go!


  1. Can't wait until he's here! I also hate the McLovin because of the movie so I understand your pain!

  2. Girl you still look great! And don't worry about the name too much...we went in with two names and didn't finalize Owen's name for a couple of hours. Actually, we named him Colin first and I just felt that it wasn't right. Long story short, you will know what his name is when he comes. We'll be keeping you all in our prayers.

  3. I personally think McLovin is a wonderful name ;)

    You look great!


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