Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dye Diva

Easter was a wonderful holiday for us this year! Last year we didn't get into too many of the traditions with Riley because she was still a bit young, but this year we went whole hog and had a blast. One of my favorite Easter activities is dying eggs and I was able to control myself in Target (keeping in mind that she's only 2) and purchase only the simple dye cups for $1.50. Add to that a white crayon and some stickers we already had and a Dye Diva was born.

Her supplies.

Getting her dye on.

She quickly abandoned the metal scoop designed to keep your hands dye free and favored the "Slam your egg into the cup and crack it" method.

Her finished product.

Her dyed hands that she kept referring to as "monsta hands".

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  1. smart idea doing all that messy stuff outside...we were chasing dye all over the dining room!


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