Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home, Sweet, Home

We've lived here for five years now and in five years we've lived in 5 different places. We knew a couple years ago that we'd like to settle down, but wanting to and being able to were different things. The area we live in is wonderful. It's very family friendly, the schools are excellent, and it's close to awesome educational and cultural activities. Not to mention we've made some great friends here. But the area we live in is also very expensive, almost prohibitively so for two teachers. Until last year when we discovered that with some extra paperwork we could afford a home here. And not just any home, a brand new home in our ideal neighborhood. So this January we signed some papers and let ourselves begin to believe that our dream of owning a home here might come true.

The foundation is poured. You can't tell from the photo, but when it's finished from the back of the house we'll have awesome, unobstructed views of the Blue Ridge mountains.

The frame is built.

Beginning to look like a house.

We're supposed to close in June so we've got a very exciting spring happening here with a new baby and a new house. We had to make some sacrifices this year, but it's turned out for the best and we are very thankful.


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