Friday, November 11, 2011

Ordinary Day

I've done one of these posts before and I've been meaning to do another for a while. Someday I know I won't be able to remember the details of an ordinary day in our household. But I know I'll wish I could. So on a Sunday a couple weeks ago we started by staying cozy in our footie pjs and we...

Watched dogs out the window saying, "DAS A DAH!" (that's a dog) every time he saw one.
Pretended to be a "wittle kitten" prowling around looking for "treaties".
Played together with the race car track Gammy and Gampy gave Camden last Christmas.
Became a house divided in preparation for the big game between our two teams and snapped a family photo using the self timer. It's important to note that the Steelers won. Here we go!
Loaded into the car for an impromptu trip to our favorite antiques place where we saw some drool worthy pieces like this little beauty which was my favorite find of the day.
And a crop of pink pumpkins still covered in the snow from the day before which was Riley's favorite find of the day.
Came home and took naps and after some more indoor play headed outside with Mommy to give Daddy a chance to watch the football game in peace. 

Walked the block and then filled an empty box with some leftover snow to throw in the air and on the street. Amazing how something like a box of snow can happily occupy over an hour of their time.
Stomped on and danced in the snow after the box was empty like it was the most fun thing we have ever done.
While looking as cute as possible in a kitten hat.
Lately I keep hearing the Alan Jackson song "Remember When" and I get chills every time he sings "Remember when, the sounds of little feet, were the music, we danced to week to week."   That's the stage of life we're in right now and there are definitely some hard moments, but I think this is one of the sweetest times in our little family.  We're watching our babies grow right before our eyes and it's happening so quickly.  I just want to savor these days of their innocence together.


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