Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Self Timer Fail

Last week we tried for a family of four photo op while we were hiking at Great Falls. I was actually very optimistic because everyone was fed and happy, the weather was absolutely perfect, and the location was gorgeous. Well we tried and we failed.  Epically.

Riley's bow and the top of TG's head. Whoops.  Time to readjust the scarf I'm using to prop the camera up on a rock.

Horrible lighting. No view of the Potomac.  Camden falls, bangs his knee (quite badly we later find out), screams bloody murder. Hence half the family is missing.

Give it a go anyway. Riley finally looking. TG decided at second 9 of the 10 second timer to take off his sun-gees. Poor Camden.

Switch locations.  Can see the river and the gorgeous fall foliage.  Lighting still awful.  Big Camden crocodile tears.

A real life V family moment. Can't even see TG. Riley is completely in her own world. Little man screaming. Me going to my happy place.

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  1. I love this! I am always shocked by families that have perfect photos. This is more in line with a Shepherd family photo...too funny!!!


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