Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Falls

Riley had been begging us to go hiking for most of the fall and every weekend something seemed to come up. There were weekends of rain, even snow, soccer games, impromptu trips and before we knew it November was upon us. So we set aside the first Saturday of the month to go for a family hike at Great Falls. Luckily the day dawned sunny with beautiful blue skies and not a cloud in sight. TG packed our lunch, I bundled up the babies and we hit the road.

 The babies wore my sunglasses, for almost the entire drive.

The usually short drive became a little longer when the Gar-mean decided to take us off route, so we were excited when we finally tracked down this sign.

My little kittens were in awe of all the water.

Sassy loved leaning over the rail just a bit and feeling the spray in her face.

Little man kept saying, "Das a wah-der!"  Yes bubs, das a lot of wah-der.

My kids get their love of water from their Mama. I've always felt the happiest and most calm near the water.

There weren't any kayakers out there this time, but the view was still spectacular.

After we visited the overlooks we headed out onto the trail.  There was a lot of tough terrain for little man to manage so TG helped him out for a bit. We stopped for a picnic lunch near this beautiful tree. Little man only ate a bit before wandering over to check it out.

After lunch we hiked a bit further, saw a trash the dress shoot which left Riley mouth agape, let Cam use his walking stick and attempted a seriously failed family photo shoot before calling it a day.


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