Thursday, November 10, 2011

La la la la

It was Elmo's World for Halloween.
Camden loves, loves, loves that red monster and we figured if he was going to tolerate any hooded costume it would probably be that one. When we first tried it on him at Party City he began to throw a hot fit and we thought it was a no go. But TG scooped Cam up and put him in front of one of their full length mirrors. After a moment of staring at himself he said "EL-mOOOH" and tried to hug/attack his reflection.  He wore this thing quite happily three separate times leading up to Halloween.

I wanted the kiddos costumes' to match so after some thought we decided Riley would go as Abby Cadabby. She's become a huge fan of Abby's Flying Fairy School so she was happy about the switch.  I made her costume with a plastic tablecloth, pink hair paint and a glow in the dark magic wand.  The rest of the items we had in the house.  Riley fully committed to her costume and LOVED having her entire face painted pink.  I was thrilled to later discover that the stuff washed off very easily - the black eyeliner and mascara I used not so much though.
The weather was perfect that night - the air was crisp, skies were clear, and thankfully there wasn't much wind. We only went out for about an hour before little man let us know he had enough.

Walking up to our first house of the night.
Riley was a total pro, and ran from house to house happily filling her treat bag. I had the idea to attach a flashing ghost light onto my shirt (thanks Mimi!) so she could see me at all times.

Cam was completely skeptical at the beginning, but like most first timers when he realized that he could get candy he was thrilled. He decided to skip the use of his treat bag and started going up and filling his little fists instead.  Camden turned into Mister Manners that night and every time he got a treat he would say "che-chu MA" which is his way of saying "thank you Mom".

More TREATS!!!

In addition to a few treats while we were out both kiddos got to pick one piece of candy from their bag when they got home before bed. Then we discovered that little man had found the bucket of treats we left out on our porch. He tore through the Kit-Kat wrapper with his teeth and was found swagger-ing around downstairs happily munching.
It was a wonderful night and even though I've never been a big fan of Halloween I have to say that celebrating this day with our own children is growing on me!

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