Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly Menu

We're in the final week until summer vacation. Let me just say...


So this week's menu is a little, blase, because I need simple around here peeps. Simple, quick, not a lot of work involved, or thought, because at the end of the day coherent thought is hard to come by.

Sunday: Pioneer Woman's Braised Short Ribs with Rice and Corn on the Cob
Monday: Pigs in a blanket with Kraft's Homestyle Mac and Cheese
Tuesday: Rotel dip with tortilla chips and quesadillas
Wednesday: Date night with Twinnie
Thursday: Chicken in Wine Sauce with Asparagus
Friday: Grilled hamburgers and Hot Dogs with Steak Fries
Saturday: Spaghetti with Bruschetta

I was supposed to make the Braised Short Ribs last week, but we ended up having an impromptu meal out. I pushed the meal to Sunday night and let me just tell you, Pioneer Woman did not disappoint.

First of all, if you have never heard of Pioneer Woman, get your self over to her website. Immediately.

Ree, (Notice I like to refer to her by her first name like we're friends), is among other things, an amazing chef, who not only shares her delicious recipes, but in a user friendly step by step (with photos) format!

I've tried several of her recipes and that woman seriously works magic in the kitchen. I was a little nervous about making short ribs because I've never made them before, but she was right. They were melted meat heaven on a plate.

I won't retype her whole recipe, it doesn't do her justice. Just next time you're at the grocery store buy some short ribs and go here.

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