Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seen and Heard


Our much adored Riley girl, actually looking at the camera. I'm not sure if you've noticed from our pictures, but she is almost always wearing a dress. Every morning when she wakes up, after hugs and kisses, she will go straight to her closet and pick out her own outfit for the day. She prefers dresses and I love how sweet she is in them.

Our little man, pushing his toy car around and making "vroom, vroom" sounds. He loves playing with cars, trucks, buses, anything with wheels.

Camden playing in the toy kitchen. He started bringing out the teacups and teapot after watching Riley and I play tea party earlier this week. Now, he will toddle over, hand one to me, bang his cup against mine (cheers!), and then pretend to drink.

Our mini mes.

Yes, our 3.5 year old still has a paci. Yes, she's only supposed to have it at sleep times. Yes, her major dependence on it round the clock until she was 2 is probably why she has some speech quirks. Yes, she is being weaned of them. Yes, she will be paci free before kindergarten.

But also...
Yes, our child sleeps in her own room, in her own bed,for 12 straight hours, and has not once ever gotten out without our permission. Yes, our child uses her paci as a lovie and doesn't have a blankie or special stuffed animal. Yes, 99.5% of the time she leaves those pacis in her bed and is not allowed to carry them around or out of the house with her.

Yes I'm defensive about it. Why do you ask?


Riley: Mom? Mom?
Riley: A wittle help here? Please?
She rounds the corner into the bathroom where I'm washing Camden and her nightgown she was trying to put on is stuck on her head.

Riley: I don't like this car. I think we should get another one.

Riley: What are we gonna do today?
Me: I don't know yet bug, why?
Riley: Hmm. I'ms thinking that maybe we could see my fw-ends and haves a picnic.
Me: Oh yeah?
Riley: Yes, that sounds like a good ideas!

Riley: We got a fishies and we put them in a tank in brudders room.
Gammy: What did you name your fish Riley?
Riley: I don't want to give dems a name. I thinks I'm just gonna call dem fishies or something.

Me: Camden, all done?
Camden: "aw duh"

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