Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 5 - Sealife, Snorkeling, and Sun Sick

We woke before the sunrise again on our 5th morning in Hawaii.

I can't remember why we left Gammy and Gampy behind, but this particular morning we hit the Waikiki Beach walk with Tata and ended up (3 miles later) at the aquarium.

The first time either of my two kiddos had been to an aquarium was for Riley's 3rd birthday and I was eager to go again with TG so he could see how much they enjoyed all the sealife.

It was much smaller than the Baltimore Aquarium, but it was right on the beach and the perfect size for the time we wanted to spend. They had several indoor exhibits that led to an outdoor space where the seals, living reef, and animal demonstrations took place.

Riley agreed, halfheartedly, to pose with some fish. She wholeheartedly refused to hold the starfish the scientist had pulled out.

We tried to throw little man, who was feeling slightly better, up there for a photo op, but he wasn't having it.

He only wanted to climb on these stairs.

After we were reefed out, we went to meet the resident monk seal.

Riley liked watching him swim back and forth and she asked me to take (several) pictures of him.

On our way out we got both of the kids a little toy from the gift shop that have now become beloved pool and bathtime toys. Riley picked a whale that flaps it's tail and we chose a squeaking dolphin toy for Camden. I was the lucky surprise recipient of a beautiful Christmas ornament from TG! I was swooning over them when we made the kids purchases and when TG went back in at the end to pick up a much needed sun hat for Camden, he picked a beautiful globe for me. I can't wait to hang it on our tree this year.

Armed with our toys we started the trek back to our hotel, but on the way we talked to Gammy and Gampy who were at...Denny's! We decided to meet them there, but that's when we discovered that Gammy was not feeling well at all. She and Gampy had tried to go for a walk and she had to stop.

They thought she might have the flu, but after hearing her symptoms and putting that info together with the fact that she was sunburned from too much time in the sun the day before I informed them that she probably had sun poisoning. A quick Google search confirmed and advised us of some treatment options. Basically poor Gammy spent all of day 5 in bed, drinking lots of fluids.

After breakfast, we left Camden napping in the room with Gammy and Gampy so Tata, Riley, TG and I could head down to the beach. I intended to snorkle, but the waves were up that day and it was too choppy.

Here's a pic of me "snorkeling" while holding Riley in her hippo floatie. She's wearing Cam's new sunhat. "Mom! You see any feesh down theres?"

Riley and "Di-mon Head!" The first day there my Dad taught her the name of the crater and for the rest of the trip if you asked her, she remembered.

The memory of her saying that made my heart hurt for a minute as I'm still missing the islands and my family very much.

Riley loved playing in the sand as much as she loved the water. She is such an imaginative child. I'm constantly in awe of her, and she was always making, creating, or playing something completely inventive in the sand.

The rest of this day was fairly low key. Once Camden was awake we made a Wal-mart trek and then had dinner at Wailana Coffee House. I could tell Cam was feeling a bit better because all he wanted to do at dinner was walk around the restaurant. I actually ended up leaving early with him and walking back to our hotel.

So ended day 5 in paradise. Although, Cam and my Mom had both been sick, (and two more of us were about to be taken out) we were having fun and so enjoying being together as a family.

*It's funny, I've been writing most of these from memory, but thankfully the last afternoon we were there I sat down with my seester and quickly jotted little notes of what we did each day. I thought I would remember every detail but some of it is already fading, and it's not even been two months since we left. I'm so glad I took the time to do that.*

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