Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tata!!! - Day 4

Well by Sunday, we were hitting our Hawaiian groove and we were very excited because, well, TATA! She came in 4 days after my parents and our family arrived and we were very anxious to see her.

This morning we decided to take Camden to an island doctor. He had been on the new antibiotic we got the day we left for several days and was still very tired, very feverish (think in the 103-104 range if we let the Motrin wear off), and extremely fussy.

So that morning I googled and discovered a walk in clinic in the Sheraton Hotel on Waikiki. We were going to walk, but Gampy volunteered to drive us over there. Let's just say that after months of dealing with this, and now watching it rear it's ugly head on our long awaited Hawaiian vacation, I was prepared to go in guns blazing and demand the antibiotic shot for our son, basically the last option we had.

But turns out that was unnecessary. The entire staff, from the reception desk to the nurse, were so very friendly and after I explained Camden's history of persistent ear infections and the doctor confirmed that he had yet another double ear infection, he said he wanted to treat him with rocephin.

Now I had this shot before and it burned like the devil, so I was pretty nervous for our little baby, but I just positioned myself right by his face and quietly sang to him while they administered the medicine. Right afterwards I was able to pick him up and let him nurse to sleep. I ended up carrying him out of there sound asleep in my arms for the short walk back to our hotel. He woke up the minute we hit the street though, and was pretty happy so TG and I decided to take our time heading back and hit up a couple of the Waikiki shops before meeting my parents and Riley at, you guessed it, Denny's!

That morning while Cam napped, Riley, my Dad and I picked Tata up from the airport. I love joyful airport reunions (and hate the goodbyes)! We quickly took her back to our hotel where we spent the rest of the afternoon together at the hotel pool.

Tata is so amazing with my kids. She's a natural, even my other mom friends who have watched her in action agree. Riley adores her and the two of them are like peas in a pod. I loved watching the two of them play in the pool together as Tata willingly played horsey, and dive master for quite a while. She even shared her sun-g's with our little Sassy who wasted no time setting herself up quite comfortably on a lounge chair with a snack.

See this pic? I gave birth to a mini Tata.

Riley snapped this photo of her Gammy enjoying the Hawaiian sun, a little too much as she would learn the next day.

Patiently waiting for her next jump.

She would do this all day if there were a willing catcher.

Even after a long flight, and all afternoon at the pool, Tata happily carried her mini me piggyback style to our hotel room.

Little man was in the water for a bit, but you can clearly see from his poor face that he was not well. He was still rocking his little band-aids from the shot and even got a band-aid tan.

When we got back to our room, it was naptime, and Riley asked Tata to lay with her for a while. It wasn't long before Gammy and Camden joined in.

After a naptime enjoyed by all, we met some of our Hawaiian based family for an early dinner. Camden was very fussy and so I plucked him out of the highchair and put him in my lap just in time for him to get sick all over me. I had to quickly excuse myself in tears from the table and dash to the hotel room.

When I got back to the room, I fed Cam and attempted to lay him down for the night, but he flat out refused. I then had an epic meltdown, not far from a toddler tantrum, where in tears I was saying that I just wanted to go home. My poor family, my husband and parents included, who knew that I was mostly just exhausted, spent a while trying to talk me down from my ledge. Finally my Dad convinced me that tomorrow would be a better day and sent me to bed. Proof that your job as a parent never ends, not even when your kids are almost 30. Good news is, he was right, the next day was better, for all of us, but one.

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  1. What cute pics! I understand having an adult meltdown. I remember having one of those on our first trip to Cape May with Audrey. She was a baby and didn't want to go to sleep and I was so tired. Anyway, I feel for ya!


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