Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hawaii Day 1 - Traveling

My baby sister, and the last of 3 daughters, got married in Hawaii two weeks ago. We have been looking forward to the wedding the whole year and we were so thankful to be able to take our entire family, kids and all to Oahu, to celebrate!

Day 1 was spent traveling. Our departing flight to Honolulu was a direct flight, over 10.5 hours on the plane. I'll admit I was a little nervous in the days leading up to our trip, but it really wasn't that bad. The plane was a 767 with big seats and tvs with plenty of show choices and video games to keeps us all entertained. The other plus side was the flight was pretty empty so we were able to spread out. The first five hours were spent playing with new toys I packed, playing iPad, and watching movies. After a sketchy dinner, meals on flights now are a whole other issue, Camden finally passed out.

I made sure to bring his pillow, blanket, and monkey so he was pretty comfortable.

While he slept I was able to close my eyes for a bit too.  Riley and TG on the other hand...

Despite a time change that went way over her usual bedtime Riley stayed awake the whole time.  I woke up from my snooze and discovered her eyes glued open watching TG playing iPad.  I wasn't thrilled that she wasn't sleeping, but she was maintaining okay so I let it go.

When we arrived we found Gammy and Gampy waiting for us at the baggage claim with fresh orchid leis for the girls and kukui nut leis for the boys.  It was 7 pm Hawaii time so Gammy sat with the kids eating their dinner while Gampy and TG wrangled our bags.  I can't believe how fresh faced Riley looks in this photo - she was going on 16 hours of no sleep at this point with at least 2 more before she finally passed out at the hotel.

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