Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hawaii Day 3 - Pampering Day!

When we left home Riley was already sick, but by Sunday both kids were down with a hacking cough,   fussy tempers, snot faces and pink eye.  They were up and down all night coughing and we finally gave in by 5:30 and got up for the day.

I decided not to waste the early morning and hurried my family, along with Gammy, down to the beach to watch the sunrise.

It happened slowly and while we waited my loves splashed their little feet in the ocean.

They always love the ocean, but they especially love the Pacific in Hawaii.

I am NOT a morning person, but hello, I might become one if we lived there.  The sunrise over Diamond Head, I just can't get it out of my mind.  I wish I was there right now.

Besides cleaning the beach, which Gammy always does when we're there, she happily played photographer and photography subject.

We made our way down the beach and out on the walk way to watch the sun finish it's ascent to the sky, and spotted a tide pool when we were there. The kids loved watching the little fish and crabs swimming around. Riley was a bit perplexed by how they would get out of there. Camden just wanted to get in and touch them all.

We had worked up an appetite after our walk so we went the extra block down to our favorite breakfast spot, Denny's!  The rest of the day was spent getting nails done, doing some last minute shopping at Ala Moana, and sitting poolside at the hotel in an attempt to get some sun before the big day.


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