Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Week of Earth Day Fun

My daycare partner and I get asked very often about the ideas and plans we make for our preschool lessons.  Both former elementary level teachers we start by planning themes for each week.  Last week we focused on animal life cycles, habitats, and frogs.  The week before that was life cycles and butterflies.

This week our daycare/preschool will be learning about Earth Day (a day late) and the 3 R's - reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Once we have our themes planned we utilize the Internet, mainly Google and Pinterest to find activities that are appropriate for our preschool aged group.  

Day 1:  A coffee filter Earth held by their traced hands is the perfect way to introduce Earth Day and what they can do to help keep our Earth clean.  Read Earth Day Birthday by Chad Wallace.

Day 2:  Make an Earth wreath.  We'll do a mini review on shapes, cutting and gluing skills.  I plan on incorporating paper Earths and recycled goods circles into the ones we make.

Day 3:  3R's art.  We'll talk about recycling, do a mini lesson on sorting, and discuss how we can reuse things to make something new.

Day 4:  Spin art Earth.  We'll talk about reducing our use of goods by making homemade paint and reusing plastic squirt bottles to create these fun pieces of art.

Day 5: Review what we've learned and read The Earth Book, by Todd Parr.  Enjoy these sweet Earth cupcakes and extra play time outdoors.

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  1. Aaaaaw, I wish we lived closer- I would SO sign Hayden up for your daycare...and I am not even a fan of in-home daycares!!!


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