Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Butterfly Taxidermy

Almost a year ago one of my favorite design bloggers wrote a post about framed butterflies as art. There were people who loved it and those who didn't due to concern about using (once) live butterflies.

I was on the loved it side, but I knew I wanted to make mine myself somehow. I pinned the idea to Pinterest and forgot about it. Then I brought home my lovely Lucketts hutch turned craft storage and as I started to organize all my supplies I found a shadow box frame that I bought at a yard sale last spring.

Like all of my ideas once the light bulb finally comes on the process goes very quickly.

I thought about going old school and collecting butterflies and moths like I did for my 9th grade biology class, but then decided faux would be easier. I picked up 5 packages of fakies at AC Moore. The biggest butterfly was 2.99 and the rest were either 1.99 or .99 each.  I used three coupons to rein the cost in.  Did you know that most stores will accept competitors coupons?  I had 20% off a full priced item coupon from three different stores and was able to use all of them.

I gave the once black shadow box frame that was $3 in that yard sale a year ago a few coats of Rustoleum white in satin finish. I always have a can of white Rustoleum on hand.  I lined the back of the frame with a piece of white foam board.  I paid $2 for the sheet.

Using straight pins I had in my sewing supplies I carefully pinned through the body of each butterfly.

I'll concede my finished product is nowhere near as beautiful as the ones Jenny pinned as inspiration, but I love the color, texture and feeling of spring they add to my decor!  I'm sure mine is way cheaper too, coming in at $13.55 for the finished product.

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