Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Moments

Our trip was made up of lots of little fun moments.

Like trips to Mister Whippy's. (Oh please Mr. Whippy, please build a satellite store in my town!)

And hours of fun with the random collection of figurines we brought to entertain the kids.

At any given moment while we were in the house the kids had one or two of these figurines (or an iPad) in hand and were reenacting some sort of made up world of mommies, babies and even a "Daddy that was killed in a horrible accident".   Um, what Riley?

My favorite episode was some sort of Seinfeld soup nazi line on the coffee table. All three girls lined up every single figurine and then moved them through one at a time to the side table. Riley was at the head gruffly yelling after she checked each one, "OKAY! YOU CAN GO THRU!"  No idea what they were really doing, but...

Yes, it was that funny.

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