Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I last posted a week ago. Up until that week I had blogged almost everday in the month of February. I had more stuff to share and things to write, but then I woke up on Wednesday and had what very sweet southerner Kelly Stamps affectionately calls "The Great Stomach Bug of 2010". Personally, I have some other choice northerner words I refer to it as, but since this is a family blog I'll refrain.

No jokes ya'll, I had the Norovirus a year ago and it was plenty miserable, but this bout came with all the ick plus violent stomach pains that left me immobile on the floor of the bathroom. Not good when you're pretty pregnant and home alone with your 2 year old. Luckily TG came racing home, scooped me off the floor and replaced my 2 year old nurse who bless her heart the best she could do was peer into the bathroom every five minutes and ask if I was okay before returning to watch Diego. The ick subsided by that afternoon, but then dehydration reared it's head and landed my preggo self in the ER for IV fluids.

Anyway, another illness, antibiotics, and lots of breathing treatments later I'm almost back to fighting form and definitely ready to blog again.

Now, now don't you all jump up in excitement at my blogging return at once. :)

Posts of the princess aka my own Florence Nightingale to come.

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