Monday, March 22, 2010

I Got Hairs Cut

Two weeks ago, we were out running some errands and since we were in the area TG decided to get his hair cut. Riley was feeling particularly attached to Daddy that day and when we dropped him off she started to throw a fit. It wasn't too crowded in the place so I decided to let her go in and watch.

I have to tell you that until now TG has adamantly refused to have Riley's hair cut. He wants it to grow out long and he most certainly does not want her to have bangs. This is a tiny issue of contention with us because I'm usually the one that fixes her hair and it's quite difficult to wrangle a style out of hair that's several different lengths.

God was on my side that day and must have been feeling my hair pain because TG decided that he'd let her get a trim. After being given a lollipop Riley happily hopped up in the same chair Daddy was just in and let the lady cut her hair. She sat very still and liked looking at herself in the mirror. Five minutes later she was done.

I still need to get an "after" shot, but it is amazing what a little trim and evening out can do for a girl's hair. Even TG agrees that it looks much better. As for Riley, all she could tell anyone for the rest of that day was "I got hairs cut"

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  1. How cute! I can't wait to take Owen for his first haircut. He has crazy hair!


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