Friday, March 19, 2010

Operation Paci Gone

On the 1st of March I had to go visit my doctor because of a bad cough. My doctor, whom I adore, not only took care of me, but she also helped me take the first BIG step in getting rid of Riley's pacis.

Riley has been a paci baby since birth and it has come in handy a lot of times. When she was little she was fussy so often and needed it to soothe herself and sleep. Then as she get older we knew she didn't need it as much and it was becoming a nuisance out in public, but we were struggling with when the appropriate time would be to take it away.

Well, let me just say that when my doctor told me about a child she knew that sucked hers as much as Riley did and ended up with horrible buck teeth I decided to stop right then and there. With her help we told Riley that the doctor had to take them away and we promptly took the one she had in her mouth. For the rest of that day if she asked for a paci I reminded her that the doctor needed them. It was a little hard because she would ask for it in the saddest little voice with her lip trembling and eyes welling up with tears. I almost caved, but luckily I didn't.

By the second day it was like she had never used it 24 hours round the clock. She asked for it once without tears, I told her no and she moved on. On the third day she again asked for it once, but was easily redirected.

I have discovered that she is about 200 times more talkative than she was before. She sings a lot more now and looks so much cuter without a paci blocking her mouth. She still gets them for naps and bedtime and I'm working on a method my bestie recommended for that, but I'm proud to say she's paci free during the day!

My paci baby

My big girl (with her eyes closed b/c "it so sunny")

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  1. Yay! I am glad that you have been able to get rid of the paci! Those things are such a double sided sword. Thank heavens Owen didn't use one, he really doesn't such his thumb either. Kyle on the other hand loved his. I ended up just throwing them all away a little after he was 1, it was hard though. You feel so bad, but they get over it really quickly! Good luck and I will talk to you soon!


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