Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pre-K, Hooray!

Today was Riley's first day of pre-kindergarten.

I was so excited for her, but a tiny bit sad too. I think being a mom might always feel like this.   I mean, how can you look at this grown up girl and not feel just the tiniest tinge of sadness for the little baby that she was?  I'm pretty sure I wore a jean jacket sometime in my youth, but I'm fairly certain I wasn't this sassy in my mix of prints and posing.

Camden was heartbroken when she left.  Clearly he didn't get the memo about "only child" time with Mama.  Sometimes those second borns don't know how to be alone.

She had a wonderful day. Gammy dropped her off and picked her up from school.  She learned about Columbus and made "pirate" hats, which was a good review for her from what we learned with the Junebugs last week. All of her lunch was gone, except for the honeycrisp apple slices. She made "lots of new friends" and "bumped my head on a bar, but I had my eyes open Mom I promise!"

I look at this picture and all I can think about is how much she has grown since preschool last fall and I can hardly believe she's in her last year before the real school years begin!

You know what she is thinking?

Here's to (hopefully) 13 more years of jazz hands on the first day of school.

We love you sweet girl!


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