Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's my terrrrn!

Camden adores, let me emphasize ADORES with a capital A, his sissy Riley.

Whatever she does, he must also do.  He is always observing her.

If she walks by a box and randomly kicks it, he gives it his best attempt.

Whatever she is making her little dolls play and say, he also makes them play and say.

If she isn't here he will wander around calling, "Sissy!  Where har derrrr? Where sissy go?"

Her daily lessons on setting a good example have already begun, for I'm sure if she jumped off a cliff he would be right on her heels.

So when I took Riley's first day of pre-k pictures yesterday, Camden waited by my side patiently until "it MY terrrrrn!"

Be still my heart, that (almost) 2.5 year old grin.   

Oooh that chubby cheek laugh. 

Assuming the position of comfort with his best buddy Monk Monk.    

It wasn't his first day of school, but his terrrn in front of the camera gave me some of my favorite pictures of him at this age.

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