Friday, March 30, 2012

iPad Crusher

Ahhh.  Happier days.

Before this sweet-faced little girl crushed our iPad screen. Were we upset? Yes. More upset that TG only found out because I called to FaceTime my babies before bedtime.  Once discovered she quickly confessed what happened.

She was pretending to be Tigress from Kung Fu Panda and while practicing her awesome kung fu moves she landed on the iPad. I wish I had a video of her doing this to share with you. She has an incredible imagination and she is often Tigress, or a princess, a Mommy, or a waitress, Ladybug Girl or whatever she can think of that day.

Anyway, she felt horrible about it and even worse when we told her we were taking all her money jar and piggy bank money to help pay for the new one.  She's been saving up for more Barbies.  Or a movie.  Or that goo you put in the bathtub.  Or a Happy Napper.  Her purchase plans change frequently.

Eventually she calmed down and we thought she understood why we took her money.  Then this morning I heard her talking with her friend.  The conversation went like this.

E:  You have a new iPad Riley?
Riley:  Yes.  I brokes the old one so Mama and Daddy got us a new one.
E:  Can I play?
Riley:  Yes.  Jus' a moment.  You have to be careful.  They stealed all my monies to get this one.

From the mouths of babes.  After I ran to the kitchen and stifled my gut shaking laughter I had a little talk with her to clarify that we did not steal her money.

Oh and we also learned our lesson (the hard way which is how we like to do it in this family).  My lovely Valentine's gift of a Coach iPad cover has been replaced with this lovely (def con 5) black, rubbery, thing they call an otterbox.

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  1. Good choice with the OtterBox. We bought one for Hayden's iPad and put it on before he even opened it on Christmas Day. Though he is very careful with it, it has been dropped a few times and is still perfect!


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