Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boss Little Man

Little man is slowly becoming not so little anymore.

He thinks he is big, just like his "seeesy" Riley. He wants to do everything she does. He wants to play with everything she has. He screams loudly in protest if this does not happen according to his plan. A plan that we are sometimes unaware of which in turn makes us want to scream loudly right along with him.

So today when we were at a local farm he ran right along behind all the 3 and 4 year olds up the steep hill, up the steps, and onto the platform for the big slides. Like it was no big deal. Did I mention he's not yet 2? He turned 23 months old today.    

Camden slid down without even hesitating while all the other kids his age watched from below. He started on his tush first and then rolled to his tummy once he realized how quickly he was moving. He got to the end, laughed so hard, ran over to me to hug my leg and say, "I DEEEED IT!" before heading back for countless other turns on this slide, the huge dark tube slide, and the big slide that the older kids were favoring for it's speed.

Our little man, who is not so little anymore, is a boss.


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  1. Wow! How the time flies. The kiddos are getting so big! I love Riley and her little tutu for dance class. Kyle is taking hip hop right now, he loves to dance. We have dance-a-thons sometimes before bed time. Ha!


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