Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Lovin'

is happening too fast.

I can't believe it's already mid July. The countdown is on for me and everyday I have to remind myself that it will be okay.

Don't get me wrong. I love my job and it brings me so much joy to work with children. But I also love my other job as Mommy and wife.

Thanks to several things, not the least of which was the help and patience of an amazing family that became our pseudo family I was able to stay home this year. I got 365 days of almost one on one time with Riley and 10 months to simply enjoy being pregnant with Camden.

365 days is a long time. I thought it would be enough time.

And in some ways it is and in others, well its never enough.

I'm going to look on the bright side though. I got 365 days! One year full of love, hugs, giggles, kisses, absolute joy (and yes mind numbing frustration too) that I know some mothers will never get.

One blissful year with this little girl who is oblivious to the fact that we don't have another year like this was.

Mostly because she's too busy doing exactly what you're supposed to do in the summer.

Which is keeping cool in the blazing heat.

I'm working on keeping my "cool" too and enjoying these days we have. And hoping that she'll remember at least some of our special year together.


  1. It is so hard to be a working mommy :( I feel your pain. I know you guys had a great time at home and will still have lots of great fun in the future!

  2. Awe Linds, you made me tear up a little. This past year has been such a sweet blessing for you. However, all the lives of kids that you will touch and impact is such a blessing too. The best part is that you get to kiss your kiddos good morning and goodnight every day. And you will still be such an amazing mom. I will be thinking about you as you transition back into the working mom role. Lots of love and hugs.

  3. oh friend...we'll miss you when you're at work..but really RB won't be missing all that much time with you...maybe you can tweak her nap schedule next year to where she goes down at like 1 and wakes up when you get home! Then you're really only away from her for like 3-4 hours..that's nothing! Just trying to make it look prettier! We'll miss our friends!

  4. I'm glad you got to enjoy the year with your babies! I hope your transition into working goes well.


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