Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Seen and Heard

Riley + Fourth of July cake=

a bright blue tongue.

Riley's "bayoon" from Harris Teeter has floated up to the top of Gigi and Papa's very high ceilings. She has started to stack pillows on the couch in an effort to climb up and get it.

Riley: I can reesh it Daddy. I can do it. I knows I can.
TG: I don't think so Riley it's too tall.

Riley scales her pillow ladder.

Riley: Almost reesh it. Just leedle higher. grunts.
TG: It's too high Riley. Papa will help us when he gets home.
Riley: I can do it! Teamwork DA. Let's do teamwork!

I just love her strategy, ambition, and persistence.

We also love the Wonder Pets.


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