Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Photo Collage

I fell way behind on blogging this summer, but we were way too busy having fun. And completing major home projects. And traveling A LOT. So here's a quick peek at some things we had going in July.
1.  Riley's week long visit at Gigi and Papa's.
2.  Her VBS class, Blue Minnows.
3.  Playing with our new gazebo on our new deck.
4.  Chilling while Mom and Dad rip out the old (yuck) carpet in prep for our new floors.

1.  Pancake breakfast during "only child" time.
2.  Riley picked the Steelers logo for her free glitter tattoo.
3.  Late night dessert and wine date.
4.  Trip to see Brave with my sweet girl.

1.  Finally a dimmer on my dining room light.
2.  Riding the Drop Zone at the local carnival.
3.  Modeling her new pink Steelers dress from Gampy.
4.  Cousins at Sunday dinner.

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