Saturday, August 4, 2012


When my family goes to the beach we swim some, play in the sand a bit, and lounge.

When TG's family goes to the beach they boogie board. At almost every point of our many hours on the beach this year one or all of them were out in the water.

Little man logged as much hours as anyone.

Rash guard and floaties on, he's ready to ride.

As our littlest surfer he gets a free ride out to the waves.

He looks terrified, but he's not.  

He's just shrieking, "WAHOO!" the whole time.  It's endeared him to our beach neighbors this week.

He's been rocked by a wave a time or two, but it doesn't faze him.  At all.  (I refuse to take him out there like this, but I trust TG implicitly)

As soon as they wash up on shore he says, "I want more!"

Boogie boarding must run in the bloodline.

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