Sunday, January 12, 2014

Little Summer Moments

In between our travels we had some sweet summer moments.

TG took the kiddos with him to Home Depot early on Saturday morning and discovered the kids workshops. Riley LOVED the little orange Home Depot apron and pin she received.

While visiting this summer, Gammy bought her a toy Merida bow and arrow set.  She proved to be a good shot.  TG decided to upgrade her to a real kids set and target in the backyard after we learned how straight and accurately she could shoot the toy set.

We spent lots of summer evenings, barefoot shooting in the backyard.  She's got scary good aim.

It was very hot this past summer. Most days it was too hot for us to even think about venturing outside. We spent a lot of down time playing family games and entertaining ourselves indoors.   Toy Story memory is a crowd favorite.  Easy set up and quick play.  Riley and Camden learned and loved Go Fish this summer too.

We had a few Panera lunch dates.  TG was teasing Riley by wearing her sunglasses so she took this photo as evidence of TG in Barbie sunglasses.

This pic was the last one we took before our big, impromptu trip to Orlando and Disney this summer!  Followed by a last minute visit to Gigi and Papa and LKA before settling back into our school year routine.

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