Sunday, July 8, 2012

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

We're not sure how it started, but both of our kids love Spiderman.

Love like it's their favorite cartoon and our house is chock full of figurines, jammies, movies, lunch boxes and more. As a reward for trying out the diving board (and loving it!) the other day TG took Riley to see the new Amazing Spiderman movie. You'd think a 4 year old girl would prefer the princess movie, Brave,  or perhaps be terrified of a feature length Spiderman movie, but like I've always said, she's a little bit princess and a little bit dirt in her skirt.

I did text TG halfway through because based on the movie trailers I was a little worried the lizard would frighten her. But she apparently loved it and couldn't stop giving a synopsis of the whole film to anyone who crossed her path for the rest of that day.

To top off her Spiderman weekend we found out our local Giant was hosting a Spiderman meet and greet for kids today.

Okay, so Spiderman was a girl in a Halloween costume, but my kids could have cared less. Riley was running about shrieking with delight and Camden couldn't stop saying, "Hi IDAMAN! Hi!" He clutched his Spiderman "autographed" picture tightly for most of the day. It's hanging on the wall above his bed right now as he sleeps.

I was impressed with the haul of goodies they received! In addition to their signed pictures they received books, puzzles, stickers, and several treats.

But this was my favorite take away from the visit.

Despite the ill fitting costume this Spiderchick went the whole nine giving us web slinging hands for the photo op.  Web slinging hands and complete joy for two little Spiderman fans.


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